how to mix the textures and materials

Blender 2.5(7)
Hi everyone, i have a problem that i cannot resolve. Is possible to mix two or more textures using a map (i.e. clouds map) in the same material? I tried directly in the materials editor and also using the node editor but appears always the last map assigned … the same goes for two different materials mixed through a map.
thank you :slight_smile:

you can try the first link in my sig, though it sounds as if you may have already tried that method.

Thanks Modron! Following your tutorial i have found a way to mix two textures on a single material. i have created in the world slot three textures (2 images and a map). using the nodes and your same procedure, this works.
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well… do you know a good tutorial about node editor and all its panels? (how to use them)
thanks. :slight_smile: