How to model a christmas tree!

Hello everyone.
I am planning to do a small christmas scene for this christmas and it involves tress and presents.There is only one problem, i cant model christmas trees.I have searched the forum and google for tutorials but with no success.I had found tutorials in which they used generators to make the trees.however i have no idea how to use them.
Can someone please lead me to tutorials or please can someone explain me the tutorial i was talkin about.:confused:

Well, you could try making a small rod, and giving it a simple particle system, and then make lots and lots of them in the shape of a tree. Google blender particle system.

I feel embaressed:o , but what is a rod???

Ok i made one part or branch of the tree.I guess that hand placing all of those is abit too much work.Is there any other way of doing this.Maybe using the spin or screw tool???

Try making one sort of โ€œbranchโ€ maybe 10 twigs/rods and then duplicate those. Scale as necessary.

Oh ok.Thank you saxofoner you have been alot of help.Is there any way maybe spin or screw tools instead of hand placing and duplicating them?

add a simple branch. Duplicate it few times, pointing outwards in a circle from the base of the first branch, moving some up and some down a little bit. Duplicate them all, rotate a bit, move up and scale down a little. Lather rinse repeat.
Add a star, a big cylinder in the middle for the tree trunk, and add materials. hey presto, christmas!