How to model a golf ball?

I need to model a golf ball, dimples and all. I’ve found references to the fact that a very nice one was made for Blender, but no indication of HOW. Any help?


Okay, now I can make up for talking trash

Create a subdivision3 icoSphere.
with still all vertices selected, create a vertexgroup in the edit buttons (they are really helpful for modelling, hit new, then assign).

now subdivide the sphere 2 times

then select the group and scale it inwards (a bit more than you should expect).

select all vertices.

Now hit the smoothbutton several times. Switch to subsurf Level 2 and enable setsmooth.

Is that okay?

scaling outwards is also fun


Outstanding! Thanks very much. Sorry I wasn’t able to find that on my own. (And thanks for not saying as much :wink: )

I’ll do some of my own tweaking, but that certainly points me in the right direction.


Or you could make a sphere and apply a bumb map. You could probably make your own in a paint progam.

Otherwise, you might find a good one at this site:

Look under “Bump”. There might be one elsewhere.

This is an awesome site for high quality textures.

Or you can use Andy Houston’s Geodesic dome script, which will make golf balls and other wicked shapes.

Unfortunatley the links to his site are down, he was relocating from what I remember, but if you want the script I can upload it some where.


That would be terrific. I read about this when I was looking about, but couldn’t find the actual script. Now I know why.


Ok I hope Andy won’t mind. I’ll post it in this thread as a code sample, you can then copy it and save as a .txt or .py file and then open that inside Blender.

Will post this over the weekend.


Could someone please get this file somewhere where I can download it. I am extremely interested in using it.

Any luck on finding that script? Thanks again. I’m trying a couple of different methods mentioned here.

I can’t quite figure out the mapping for a bump map. I’ve got a bump, but using spherical mapping all the bumps buch up at the poles.


Sorry sorry, will do this tomorrow for you, promise. :expressionless:

Tallguy, try Tube instead of sphere. Sphere nips the ends of the texture, but tube extends the ends.


Easier method that I just worked out, can’t believe no one else thought of this.

Make an icosphere, subd 4.

Press “a” until all vertices are deselected.

Press “w” and bevel, size the bevels to roughly half of a face.

Once you’ve bevelled, the bevels should be the only thing that are selected. Size inward and smooth as above.

Additionally I subdivided a couple more times and set smooth. It’s really vertice heavy that way though.

Heres a really nice bump-map image that I used a while back. The
Image is correctly deformed to add it as a sphereical map in the “map input”, then
just invert the “nor” in the “map to” :slight_smile:

Heres a image with the bump-map on it:<<click for a bigger version


Yes! Much better! I wish I could get “rounder” dimples, but this is the best modeled solution so far (until I get that script - hint). Boy howdy, you aren’t kidding about the vertex count though.

Nice map. How did you generate it? Or is that all done “manually”?

I should have some results to post by the weekend.


As requested. Load into blender using the text editor window and then press ALT P to run.

ooops, one mo, codes too long to post here, just trying to upload to web space

Bill, have you got an email I can send this script to, bloody web servers offline I think.


Yup, I just PMed you. Thanks, Sonix.

I went ahead (since I needed to get working on my project) and used the “Icosphere - bevel - scale” method and it has worked out very nicely. I’ll post some pics here in few days. Thanks again everyone for all the help.

I’ve had Blender for 2 years and I’m finally getting some stuff done!


I’ll repost the script as soon as I’ve sorted out my new web page.

The new version is still not as feature laden as the old one but I will be releasing a beta soon. I’ve improved the GUI and added some more shapes.


Been looking forward to it Andy. I hope it was ok to forward the script on as we couldn’t find it to download. If you would like I can put it on my webspace.

Bill, sorry I was so late with the email, will check back to see what you’ve come up with.



Of course it’s alright to pass the script on and I’d be delighted if you could post it on your site.

I still haven’t worked out the details of setting up a site on my isp, and would rather spend the time on the new version of the script.

As I mentioned before, the new version doesn’t yet have the full feature set of the original, but the purpose of the rewite was to make it easier to add features, so I should catch up quickly. I’ve added a torus object and a couple of other bits to make up for it.

The monumental delay is due to the rewrite being scrapped twice and restarted because I’m still learning. And moving to a remote island in Orkney didn’t help the workflow either. Still, it is very peaceful up here, beside the sea, seals frollicking in the bay,seabirds zipping by etc.