How to model a keyboard?

I’m working on a Computer model but i’m have problems making a keyboard!
Could anyone help me out?

could you be a little more specific? like what’s the problem with modeling it?

Everything is the problem, I’m done with the monitor, just need the buttons, and now I want to make the keyboard. i don’t know how to model the keys, the base or anything.

I don’t really know how to help. Imho, if you managed to make a model of monitor, you should be able to make a keyboard.

Make keys as a separate object. Start with cube and shape it to the key form. Maybe use ‘bewel’ function (W key >> bewel) to smooth the edges.

Same goes for the base. Remember to cut out places where keys are. Knife tool may be usefull (K key), subdivision as well (W >> subdivide).
Cut out the areas where the keys groups are.

Just some random advices. I never modeled somehting like that before but I would do it in this way.
Hope you’ll find it usefull.

Lol k that’s what i thought ur problem would be. I’m still newbish at blender and only started a couple months ago but how i would do it is go into edit mode and hit the edit tab on the button window and subdivide it a bunch then select the faces to make keys(ud have to do seperatly) then u could resize the tops to make them have that pyramidish shape the keys have. Only problem is youll have alot of faces and vertices. i hope this helped

here’s what i got made in about 2 seconds i’ll make a whole keyboard too. i have another suggestion…make a block like this and copy it with shift+d.


here’s my keyboard…it’s not very detailed but it only took me like a minute to do so:D lol…pretty simple to do


if you’d like to know something else i’d be glad to help

thanks for all of the help, i’ll try using each suggestion and find out which one works best for me :wink:

EDIT: I don’t get how to use the knife tool…
EDIT2: heres what my keyboard looks like:

that looks fairly good already, for the base i suggest you try just a simple block and extrude (keyE) inwards and place your keys there, then subdivide to areas where you’ll add more detail.

very nice!
just one question - where are the F10, F11 and F12 keys?!

Oh yeah, I forgot those. I will go back and to them:p. Thanks!