How to model a Rainbow Table Tennis table

HI, friends!
I am new to 3d modeling, and try to model a table tennis table with a style of rainbow, see the picture blow.
The trouble i have is that i don’t know how to model the rainbow form at the ends of table.

I will very appreciate if anyone can tell me the answer.
tabletennisblend2.blend (494 KB)

this is my model,



try to retopo a 1/2 circle on the other part

or you could also use boolean

table1.blend (385 KB)

happy blendering

Or, you can try booleans. Add a cylinder and rotate/scale it until it looks like this:

Then, in object mode, select cylinder, shift select table base, Ctrl+B -> Union. You’ll get table base with cut out rainbow shape, just as you want. The only problem with this is if you need clean topology, you’ll have to manually rework it a bit, but in this case it’s quite manageable.

EDIT: woops, didn’t know RickyBlender hasn’t finished! :slight_smile:

Hi @RickyBlender,
Thanks so much, that is what i want!!!

HI Friends,
I have finished most parts of the table, except the net, i am not confident with that, the method i can think of now is, use a very thin cylinder and an array modifier, i am not sure if there is any better method?