How to model finger nail on the mesh

I have base mesh of Hand and want to model nails on it. Extrude and shape the nails but fail to get look for nails. Any suggestion or help how it works. Thanks

hand nail.blend (798.6 KB)

I tried this

Could be better to inset slightly, extrude into the finger a little and then model the nail separately?

Your fingers dont have enough radial geometry to support that type of detail. 8 to 16 spans would suffice but it depends on what detail your trying to achieve. Are you doing stylized or realistic? Also I wouldnt rely on the smooth modifier to create the illusion of smoothness. Having proper geometry represent the detail will save you from headaches in the future.

my approach has 12 radial spans on the finger tip:

(the hand scan is from for those curious.)

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Just a stylised not in details. Just i look like nails on the fingers. Thanks

maybe you can try to make them like this

i tried an got this result

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