how to model from reference images?

I am trying to model Ratchets first ship from this reference I have set it up so I can use the side view and front view and have aligned them correctly. But my issue is the rounded ship edges are very hard to replicate. I’ve tried using a sub div sphere and that just gets too distorted. Then I tried modelling each vert roughly to then sub div but it’s too damn awkward and doesn’t produce correct results. I don’t know whats the best way to start it off.

If anyone can help thankyou! I’ve tried modelling stuff from the R&C universe forever but there designs precede me.

Usually normal front/side/top/down etc. images are not so good for reference because you cant see through surfaces, fex, front view you cant see how curvature goes behind the first surface which block your view.

You should do this with a low amount of vertices (low poly) to have an easier time making the shape. The workflow would be something like: have 2 3d views open, one right and one front, after extruding/transforming something according to one view next adjust it for the second view. If the subdiv workflow is awkward you probably have too many vertices.

Also you can use edge loop cuts and edge slide to tighten edges and extrude for making new loops (or localized geometry). An example would be the beam things on the wind shield. You need to think of the edgeflow in order to get the result you want. Proportional editing for making smooth changes across the model.

  1. Select faces you want to extrude (beams)
  2. Extruded slightly
  3. Switched to subdiv 1 to easier see the boundaries between loops, edge cut near the extrusion
  4. Edge slide towards to extrusion to tighten (sharpen) the edges
  5. Finished result in subdiv 2
  6. You can make harder transitions by making new loops next to the extruded geometry and moving it in (in this case a new loop was placed at the huge face at the bottom, then moved to the right)

Thank you ! I was going about it too hard!. I will be finishing this off now again thank you for the amazing quick tutorial!