How to model these Logs

Hi Guys:

I am working on a model based on this picture from the Inn at Old Faithful:

What I would like to know is how to model the logs in the ceiling. Cylinders are great but they are very very repetative – I would like to find a way to add the projecting knots etc – I SUSPECT that it would be done with a bump map or normal map – I’d like a procedural way of doing it, I prefer not spend the zillions of hours to model and sculpt the logs manually if that can be avoided


I’d look up procedural wood texture tutorials and then apply the same techniques in creating displacement in geometry nodes:

Here is a quick one, with displacement and bump you can get the desired results. Cycles only.logs.blend (249.0 KB)

If you want them more realistic you have to tweak the material and / or combine with real textures.
For the “single” longs you can try curves with the same material. But you have to convert them to mesh after you are fine with the form.

Cool – Thanks Guys – looks great -0- I appreciate the help!!!

That idea was quite helpful – thank you very much!!!

What about looking for 3D log cabin assets and maybe repurpose some of the logs from there.