How to model this corridor for a game

What would the workflow be to make a corridor this awesome?

is this sculpted? or just a texture?

what would you do to make a repeatable section of this corridor?

I think you may have forgotten the link.

Indeeed i may :wink:

Ok, so far

I know the sculpting is shoddy, but its my first attempt at something like this, I will redo it when i get to the end of this process

So i managed to get the sculpt baked onto a low-poly model. and now i have a somewhat stone corridor.

I also added a spec map, it worked as it was supposed to, but i need to add more care and effort into the final one to really make the rocks pop.

whats the best method for texturing this? to really give it that rock feel


Why is it that the bump map and other few textures ive been messing around with are not affecting the ingame render? but they are showing up perfectly fine in the blender render?

any ideas?