how to model website icons?

Hi, I would like to learn how I can make 3d modles of icons that I could use for a website.

Any good websites that shows or gives examples or has a tutorial on how you can use blender to produce website icons ?

I would really like this.

No problem with blender :slight_smile:

First you will have to learn a little bit of modeling, we can render objects/models at any usable resolution/size :slight_smile:
We use the same modeling process for creating 1616px images or 30003000px images. Forget about size for a minute, decide what the icons are going to be. Dig through the tutorial section here
if you can’t find anything. Then try to be specific about what you want to model. And someone else, or I, will probably guide you through it.


Make Icon in 3D. Color it. Render it just the way you like it; unlike 2D image which need to be remade for every change in point view, 3D icon can be rendered in infinite ways. And, place it with single color background so that the background can be alphaed out on web page using Photo editing software. Here, you can set the background with solid color under World buttons and World tab.


Here is a nice reflective floor setup with alpha channel output. Remember to set the passIndex of the object you place in this scene to #2 or the alpha will not composite correctly.


icons_on_relection_wth_alpha.blend (199 KB)

How about something like this?