How to move a post to another section?

hey guys , how are you ? I ve created my first post in “rigging” , but I would like to move it to “game” topics or threads.

is it that possible ? or should I create a new post exactly in respective thread?

I had made a question related to game exporting in the rigging thread… A wonderful guy answer me to help me , but he suggest me to ask in another section… I would like to know the basics of interface here to create good post . thanks .:yes:

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As an answer to your question, use the Report Post feature (it’s the triangular icon at the bottom left of every post) to let the moderation team know that you want your thread moved. We’ll handle it from there.

the “post featured” is a triangular shaped with a symbol? I mean , like a warning icon ? is this button ?
… Ok ? then should I send a message to the moderator explaining the reason for ? thx buddy.