How to move my background to the background

So I’m doing some tests to see if this program is worth using for my shorts.
Did a little animation but my character’s fill seems to be behind the background or something.
plz tell me how to bring layers closer and further to the camera without changing their size.
So I’m talking about the order in which they are stacked if that makes sense.

EDIT: okay I figured out I can do this with the Delta Transform information is there another way though?

test 2.blend (2.3 MB)

Solution is really simple. All you have to do is to move background a little futher from the camera.

If you want to know why is this happening:

in grease pencil properties there are 2 ways of ordering which layers should be behind which
One is 2D Layers (default) which makes layers on top be displayed on top like all other 2D software
The second One is 3D Location which makes strokes closer to the camera be displayed on the top. This option makes image glithy if strokes have the same distance to the camera (Z-fighting)

Those option however works per grease pencil object. First method doesn’t work becasue layers are in separate objects and the second method doesnt work because all strokes are in the same distance from the camera.