'How to not get scammed as an artist'

Found this one on reddit:


Talking about which, here’s an old favorite of mine:


This is a classic.


One of my all-time fav’s. I’ve heard pretty much every one of those excuses in my career…

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There is a great technique around ‘Agile Development’ so kinda this 50% up-front is great for delivering an MVP (product), with half the work and half the price.

If this is not a Win-Win what else is?

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Thank you so much for this!

Many years ago, an author named Herman Holtz (nee: “Hermann Holz”) wrote an excellent series of books on “Consulting Contracts.” In which he talked a lot about paperwork – such as “General Services Agreements (GSAs),” as umbrella contracts, and very-specific “Task Orders” issued under their auspices. This wisdom carried me through many rocky waters for more than thirty years.

Legitimate customers actually told me that they were appreciative of my attention to detail and procedure. It made them feel more comfortable, too.

Also, in this case: "registered (US) copyright ©" Spend the $35 (online …) at https://copyright.gov and get it. Once you legally declare that you own it, you can “license it” and now the full force of the law will stand behind you. (You can register a “collection” of similar items at the same time for just one fee, and copyright applies to each of them independently.) Copyright protection is in place as soon as the web-site hands you its receipt: the “pretty certificate” will be mailed later.