How-To Numerous effects

Is there a ‘pack’ of tutorials or examples that shows numerous effects in blender? If not we should create one. These are some effects what i am talking about (feel free to add your own):

-fish eye lens effect
-lens flare effect (ive seen topic on this)
-water effects (same as above)
-grass effects
-cloud effects
-wind effects
-dust effects
-moon glow effects
-mirror effects (is blender capable of this in GE?)
-FPS Flashlight effect

Animated textures:
Sun-Flare (Use 2.44):

Real-time reflection will be done using a camera facing your char taking snapshots of you char every 10 frames and mapping it to the texture. If I ever finish my script I’ll post it =]


For an FPS flashlight, just use a spotlight and remember to set all objects you want to be affected to light, unless you have “Use blender materials” on. For turning it off, use energy ipo.

Nice! And on a flashlight, what about having a textured spot? Like on a flashlight’s spot, it isnt a perfect light, it has a dark spot in the middle and other parts where the plastic interfeers. I thought of some other:

-FPS Pipe Leak Steam effect
-FPS Muzzle Flare
-Explosions with glow
-Fire with glow

As soon as a get on PC, i will try to come up with ways of doing some of these! Some of these i am clueless where to even start :S

Your just asking the same questions in different ways.

Flashlight texture: Go into light materials and hit use texture…
Pipe Steam: Just use my animated texture tutorial to make animated steam
Fire with glow: Use my animated texture tutorial to make animated fire, then in photoshop add a “outer glow” to make it glow.
Explosions: Same thing as the others, use my animated tex.
Same with the flare…

See all those things that you asked if using the same method. Just use your imagination for my tutorial.

textures (as in Blender Textures) don’t work in BGE, so i’m not sure a light texture would. just my thinking though.

Then make an alpha plane where the light projects and map a tex onto it. then just toggle the visibility.