How to organise your 3d models library

Imagine a world where Blender has one button to import any 3d model that it can support. Just like in i.e. MeshLab where you click import and choose file with any supported extension. But afaik Blender can’t do this and you need to check the file you want to import for its file type before choosing the right import option.

This issue decided about my 3d models directory structure in the beginning. I gathered 60GB of models and textures just to make two photorealistic rooms, and have some rust textures. All .obj, .3ds, .fbx, .blend, textures and other types are separated. Since i want to move to prototyping some video game levels i can see this folder structure won’t work anymore.

How should i organise my files if i plan to have a lot more models that i want to reuse, and i don’t want to duplicate texture files as much as possible.

I could place all models into one folder and sort by category, but i can’t imagine browsing through them, even with different software. Some models are high poly, and some low poly. Some models use the same textures.

I can’t find one best solution.

I see that this thread is rather old, no answer to you, so I will post an answer anyway. If you download and install Sensei Format you can do what you say in your first paragraph. The way that I have organized my folders of 3d models , texture and so on, is to have a “maps folder” for all the textures that my models need. Browsing is possible in windows as long as you can display thumbnails.

Thanks esimacio! This made my day.
New keyboard shortcuts are awful, and appending files bloats/leaks RAM memory so you have to restart every few minutes, but it’s still very handy to organize content.