how to organize multiple animations?

UPDATE - NOT solved, even when animating object choose old metarig keyframes ( by default he create new ) he create only one consraint for this action for all abjects - all messed((

I have a multiple animations at the metarig. also metarig act with objects take it, let go it (there are different constraint - child of, copy …) .

If I want to replay animation - I need to choose metarig and in the Action Editor choose relevant animation, then choose each object and apply his action - then work fine, but it very long way.

Can somebody explain how make this easy? NLA?

take all objects with action 1 and metarig with action 1.1 and put in one stream, and take all object with action 2 and metarig with action 2.1 and put in two stream

I find with a creating scene for each animation - but think that it not correct copy all scene for this (