How to pack texture with blend file

I would like to pack the texture image of a clock face (wijzerplaat.png) with the blend file.
however I cannot find the pack button.

Any ideas?

wekker.blend (1 MB)

If you look under FILE->>external data->> you find the pack selection. (Can’t remember the exact wording.)

File -> external data -> pack into .blend, which packs everything
UV/image editor: image -> pack image, packs viewed image into .blend
Pack image button in front of image source field

thank you very much guys!

NOT even going to ask JA12

Hello. What is the difference between pack an image or F button (Save this datablock even if it has no users)?

Pack image means putting the actual image inside .blend file.
Any datablock is an internal “link” in Blender which gets deleted if it has no users, unless you press the F button (fake user). If you make sure to save the link, it doesn’t do anything to the actual image.
In my screenshot, image datablock is named bs-1.png (automatically named from the filename) and the image source is given separately. Having that datablock, it’s possible to link one image to multiple materials and such, without copying the actual image.
Here’s more about datablocks

Thanks JA12. I thought the F button did save the image in the .blend file.
Your explanation and video helped me to understand a little better.