How to paint an image sequence? I can only view it

I have a 215 images sequence to touch up (animated drawing).
I tried to follow and old (13 years) tutorial from blenderartist: Painting Image Sequences/Rotoscoping In Blender

My shiny Blender 2.82 can only play an images sequence:

but can’t be modified (see the N panel "can’t load image):

as soon as I click the brush, it goes back to “can’t load image”
Clicking on “pack” results in a message saying we can’t pack an image sequence or a movie.

Is there a way to paint (brush, texture, clone) an image sequence in Blender? And save it :smile:

Hi, I checked it out, and it seems this feature is broken in 2.82. Please report it as a bug (Help menu > Report a Bug) so that the developers can fix it. It seems to work fine in the older versions of blender, so for now, you’ll have to do this in blender 2.81a.

There’s no need to uninstall blender 2.82, just download the zip, extract it somewhere, and add a folder called config under the folder named 2.81 that’s in the files you extracted from the zip file. That will make blender save all its settings files in that folder making it portable.

Thanks, done
I tried with 2.83 alpha, broken too.
I also noted additional glitches like “quick edit” button is gone and N panel freezes brush on linux.