How to parent a seperate mesh to an array curve, so it moves with the curve

Im trying to recreate this image:

I made the basic shape of the pencil, and put a curve modifier on it so create the shape.
I can make the beginning/end seperately and snap them to the end and beginning of the array…but i was wondering if there is a way to connect the end/beginning shape to the curve, so that it stays in place as soon as a edit the curve (im not happy about the curve shape yet). So I would keep the tip of the pencil (which is a seperate mesh) to stay at the end of the curve when I move it around…

Start cap and end cap slots are made for this.

Thank you @MarioPeper. That works like a charm. I had some problems aligning it to the end/start…But if you align the shape with the main array shape and apply the location… it works.

One additional question though
I see that the caps take the same material that is applied to the main array…
Is there a way to change the material of the caps? Without having to apply the array and curve modifier first?

At the moment I only see a texture that is stretched over the entire length of the array. Start cap and end cap are now part of the object. If you then want to add shine to the material, you need a mask e.g. for rougness.

Yeah its just a dummy material for the moment. But my question is… how can I make the start/end cap a different material from the array. For example… black array, white caps?

I can’t select the caps in edit mode (unless I applie the modifiers), so i can’t assign a specific material to it…

Sorry my english is with the help of google. It may sound stupid for natives. :frowning: What I wanted to say is the whole array is one object (incl. Start and end cap). You have to use a texture for coloring. This is stretched over the entire length of the array.

Dont worry about it…im not native either :slight_smile:
And yes I understand i need to use a texture…but i am wondering how I can use seperate textures for the caps and the array itself… (without applying modifiers first)

its simply one big texture (stretched over the whole array) or more if you need shine or so. I mean from the tip to the other end of the pencil. you can’t separate it (as far as i know). Simply put together you existing textures to one big one.

Ok I understand…so its not possible to seperate…
I will have to apply the modifiers first if I want to do this…Thanks!

Can anybody confirm this?

No you don’t have to apply it (then you can also animate it). I always control materials via masks.

Ah ok…i dont know how to do that unfortunately…is that difficult to learn?

Just use a texture like this on the array object Material (of course nicer LOL)

haha no i will just use this one… its perfect :slight_smile:


This put into roughness. the black parts will be shiny than. The grey ones are only for visualizing they should be White otherwise it’s not completely rough. In other words black means no(0) effect and White full(1). That’s with all the slot’s except of color(in image texture node you have to change the color space to non-color also) .