How to parent an empty to another so they both move at the same time, also a reply to another user

hi sorry about that @digitvisions also if anyone else has an answer to my problem ,

so its coded with an empty sphere and when it moves, the code on the eye mesh has a light that moves, the empty is shrink wrapped to the eye, i had also shrink-wrapped the other pupil to its respective eye, however i want to make it so the left eye (the empty controlling the white pupil) makes the right pupil move too, luckily, when i move the left empty sphere, it works, the pupils move with that one, however, its not connecting to the eye, it has a weird blue line coming of it as well, i really need that empty sphere to go back and actually go onto the eye, i do not understand why it doesn’t work.

in the top image you can also see the blue line goes from the eye, to the other pupil, but is not even on the mesh

Hi, the best way to control the eyes is to use bones not empty.
Here is a good tutorial: