How to Place Irradiance Volume for Both Interior & Exterior of House

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to bake indirect lighting in Eevee for rendering/animation both interior and exterior of a 3D house with angular roof. How would you place irradiance volumes considering roof, interior & exterior at the same time?

I think I get artifacts due to outside being too bright, inside is relatively dark and irradiance probes trying to interpolate in between. How to tackle this issue? Or do you suggest different approaches?
Here is a test file: (792.3 KB)

I’m only just now learning about irradiance volumes, but unless you will have a lot of activity on the roof (translucent fall eaves blowing through smoke viewed through a sunset?) that looks like an awful lot of probes. You might put some smaller angled volumes right alongside the roof line; I read somewhere that Blender will prefer the influence of smaller irradiance volumes over larger ones.

I don’t know whether that will be helpful, but I hope you find what you’re looking for.

This was a simplified version of a complex scene with lots of objects in both interior and exterior. Same leaking issue happens with lesser probes as well. Generally speaking the more probes the better quality for complex scenes (With the cost of baking time). Less probes here just makes big smoother light leaks.

Main problem here is that this scene can’t be baked properly without leaks considering diagonal roof, interior and exterior at the same time. I just tested this example I uploaded 3 years ago and still no progress related to this issue. I would be happy if anyone could prove otherwise.


In Irradiance Volumes settings, Probe → Distance=0.1 and Visibility → Blur=0.1 they seem to help in the mentioned light bleeding/leak in your files (Ambiet Occlusion enabled)

But mine is trial and error.
It would be good if you report this in the User Feedback forum or you report it as a bug, so developers explain to you how to proceed in cases like this with angled roofs.

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Hi @YAFU , thanks, yes it improves the light bleeding issue but it still can’t be accepted as a final product in my opinion. Nowadays Cycles is a lot better and faster choice considering the good denoising features and time need to setup for Eevee.
I doubt developers will consider this as a bug. But it’s nice to see there is an ongoing development with “Eevee-Next”, I’m hoping this will fix such issues: