How to place the rotation axis in an animation? (noob)

Hello guys,

I created a simple ship animation for an Asteroids-like game. I need an animation of the ship spinning at its center (top-view). That´s the easy part.

The problem is that after I sculped my ship from a simple cube, I realized that the ship does not spins from it´s center. Instead of that, it spins from its front (probably the center of the original cube). How can I change the rotation axis of the object in the animation to rotate it?

Place the 3D cursor exactly where you want the axis to be then, with the ship selected, press F9 then the “Center Cursor” button.

If you also want to toss and turn the ship, make sure you place the cursor correctly in 3D space by placing from 2 different views.

Thanx, Andy!