How to "play BGE fast forward" ?


I just want to know how to run everything in BGE faster. I’m not talking about having a better fps rate for more fluid animation. To explain , here is the kind of situation that can append:

  • You did simulation in BGE with rigidbody , script , logic brick and everythings else you can play with in BGE. You are just interested by the ending result. But BGE play it with real life speed so you have to wait when you know a computer is strong enough to get the end result faster.

  • Or you just want to create a fast forward effect in a game. Example : Any tower defense games or any simulation game like SimCity.

How that can be achieved?

EDIT: In Unity it’s call “timeScale” I see in some forum. Similar thing in bge?

I am not aware of any way to change the bullet physics simulation speed. Not being able to set the timestep for the physics simulation is one of the few thing I really miss in BGE :(. You can only slow down a scene with suspend scene every x amount of frames.

Actually, you can now set the timestep of the logic loop with Python; used to allow HIVE control. I can’t quite remember where this is exposed

I’m not sure but changing number of step don’t slow or accelerate the calculation but only make it more precise, smooth and stable ( precisly for bullet ).

At this time I don’t find a clean way slow down time and no ways to speed it up.
Really need to find if the “time scale” are exposed in Blender like Unity because if not , I going to developp what I’m trying to do in Unity :frowning:

I see the TimeScale parameter like I want is available in the new bullet integration ( outside of bge ) in Blender 2.66.
Why is not available in BGE? :frowning:

Where we can ask for some little feature like just make some parameters availables in the interface and with python ?
I’m sure the TimeScale is here in the code , it’s just not accessible.

You can choose to simulate the physics engine with a smaller time step than the actual elapsed time, thus slow motion.

I don’t see any setting doing that. All settings I see play on the refresh rate of the display or de precision of the physics engine , not it’s speed.

so where we can ask to put this kind of property available to python ? Bugtracker seem to not be the right place and blenderStorm website seem to not be really viewed by developper.

It is a python feature, but I’m not sure quite how it’s exposed