How to playback a single action in 2.64


I started using blender again after some years of absence and cannot find a feature I used to use.

In blender 2.4 you could press a button in the NLA editor to select whether to playback the NLA strips or a single action. The button was either showing some strips or a person (called “shark attack victim” by some).
I cannot find this button anymore. Can anybody tell me how this is done in 2.64?

Thanks for your help,

If you bring up NLA editor window and Dope Sheet window set to Action Editor they link to each other. So to bring up Action in NLA, just pick the Action in Action editor. That’s one way to do it.

Thanks for your answer. I tried that but if I press Playback (alt A) it still plays all the NLA strips, not the single action.

Can you explain in more detail how to do it?

I would also love to know how to accomplish this…