How to post art

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I want to share my art, cannot understand how to do it here. May be some one know how to do it here

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Welcome :tada:

well first spend some time here (only some minutes) so the system know you are not a robot… :wink:… you may have a look at the FAQ (top left; the “burger icon” → menu … then more and FAQ)…

..or you are lazy..

…and follow this link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: FAQ (Work in Progress) - #21 by bartv .

Then you are ready to post something in Finished Projects with some additional info than just i made this…

( …ohh and maybe it wasn’t mentioned in the FAQ (?) for one image < 5MB… you may choose jpg and not half a dozen at the same time… )

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Hello. I assume you’re looking in the main #artwork category to create a thread (topic) of your own - you can’t create a thread there. (A bit confusing, I know.) I’ve had several friends ask me for help because they couldn’t create a thread.

You need to first select one of the sub-categories under #artwork. You can do that by selecting the dropdown panel that I’ve indicated with a green arrow.