How to procedural texture with stones tiles

any idea how to make a procedural texture to make this exemplae in Blender ?

Thanks a lot.

So, this is a pretty good starting point i think.

Since you said tiles, i guessed you meant an arrangement like a brick wall.

The edges look a bit chiseled still, don’t really know how to get the natural/“blown up”/round effect on each brick yet. i tred smooth maximum, but since they are gradual, that’s not happening. It would require an elaborate math node setup completely without the brick texture to get perfecly rounded d-maps for every brick but i think i got close.

Hope this helps, happy blending!

stones.blend (889.1 KB)

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Thanks for your example (very interesting !), but as you can see in this image, i’d like that ther’s a border on each stone (a border different from the mortar).

I got the smooth edge as you wanted but as far as the Dome on each brick, I think I would need to add a displacement and go to cycles…just a bit too similar for what you needed as is…but you could combine this with @KAUSTIK 's example and get real close… It is a simple mask created for the Brick texture slightly resized and combined with the created Bump/Normal to smooth out the edges…

Flat-Edge Brick 2,92 Blend.blend (2.2 MB)

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Hi there,

Another way to do this, is to create two brick textures, one for the base, the other for the inner section. Same size, it is important, and only the mortar size and smoothness will change!
For the second I used a separate noise setup to make it more ragged, then mixed them.
Then you can mix the two bricks with masks, and use one bump. (I choose to use two separate bumps for more settings and simplicity).

What you may also do is to use the base brick with displacement, and the inner part only as bump. Now I quickly did an example with bump only.

For the base brick, I only used the Fac, but you may tweak it further, so that the wider brick base has its own depth as well.

Sorry, but I left the colouring part out, and the texture for the mortar and base brick. But of course, you can take it much further. Create a separate mortar and brick base with noise, maybe voronoi, mask them, to each have their own colours, etc. You can also have separate sizes of bricks, with different colours. But it is a bit late for me now and I had a long day :smiley: but I hope the rest you can tweak from here :slight_smile:


A lot of great answers here, but we haven’t figured out how to get rid of them chiseled edges yet.

Voronoi with a smooth maximum gives me nice round blobs, but as soon as i try to implement the border, i get edgy again. Imma keep trying tonight tho

Hi, I know, that is a limitation oh the brick node tgat I dont like myself, but I have seen a few slternate solutions in the past. I will try to look it up

Right now I found two solutions, one is not really good for randomization, but gives you the smooth edges using two ping pong nodes and a separate X-Y setup. BUT, there is a better solution, that is what I’m studying right now, from Erindale actually. You can check it in the meantime, it has what you want :slight_smile:

A third solution is to grab Simon Tommes’s Brick node, and try to tweak :slight_smile:

I will come back to the Erindale tutorial a bit later, hopefully this evening, and will share my setup once finished.


Will do this tonight.

I started with the base of CG matters’s traffic cone… but then i had no gradient :smiley:

getting close-ish.

no cigar tho.

stones.blend (1.5 MB)

Wow !!!
I’ll try this tonight !!
Seems that you found a solution.
Thanks a lot.


Nice job! I also did one, will show this evening :blush:

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This came from the erindale tutorial.

I recommend you watch the whole thing cause the man just knows what he’s doing

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Yes he is a legend really, linked above. I tried to change a few things, will share soon :blush:

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anticipation: over 9000.

off for bandpractice, will report back hammerd

I’ll take a look at this to see what you used for keeping the inner portion of the stone to the corners…
I made one up using the Brick Node from Simon Tommas…I had to use a Grunge texture to add some difference…The bricks just look all the same in my tree… but it could just as well be texture nodes…

Brik-Stones.blend (1.7 MB)

Hey @penalva34 and @KAUSTIK and All! :slight_smile:

Here I am now. I added a basic noise on the vector line, and textured the grout, stone base, and stone tops. A lot more tweaking to do, but I will call this a day for now, hope you don’t mind. I will continue tomorrow fast as I can. I am happy to share the details later, but currently the setup is a great mess and will most likely be refined :smiley:

Work left to do:

  • fix mortar placement, and overall displacement a bit
  • add in more colour (the basic white noise for rotation, or a similar one could be used, to create masks and several colour channels, then mix together)
  • maybe some more cracks, and dirt
  • I would be happy to use more variation in the rocks, to have a more randomized vector setup, not just rows, but it seems like a great deal of work, so I would rather finish with the current brick setup.

PS: I always try to go for the one material - one (PBR) shader setups. You may use several shaders for grout, rocks, dirt, etc… but I feel this to be more elegant (not the current stage :smiley:), also faster for computing I guess, so I mostly prefer this method, also makes occasional baking easier I guess :smiley:

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Very impressive, but could you show the shader (or the blend file) ?
I’m not so expert like you in blender !
Thank you.

Hi, here is the current node-tree cleaned up a bit, but there will surely be changes, so at this point, I would advise you to watch the first half of the Erindale vid, then check what does what broadly, try some tweaking maybe. But I will also rework the colours I guess, also add roughness, and maybe some more stuff. I have to clean up my startup file a bit too :smiley:

if you can share the blend file it makes it easier for others