how to propel rigid bodies?

I cannot figure out how to do this =(…

Im making a fluid simulation where a bullet travels through a box of water, but I cannot figure out how to propel the bullet. Any help?

How about old fashioned keyframe animation?

No clue how to do that =(

This should get you started.

I dont have in account, and you have to install something? >.>

Try this:

This could be useful to you as well:

I don’t have an account and I didn’t have to install anything.

Keyframe animation is pretty much the most basic thing you need to learn if you want to make anything move in Blender. Here’s the manual:

The video tutorial I posted is an excellent introduction if you can watch it.

No, the full version you need to dl and install something, and you need an account…

Thanks for the links guys… but I wont be able to use it for a few hours, I have another sim rendering right now.

Here’s a better link for that same video. Download the “Key Framing and IPO Curves” video:

Ok, thanks for all the help guys, I can now actually move my camera around…

But, uh, when I go to Bake the Sim, it always stops right when the bullet reaches the water… even when the resolution isnt that high…

Sounds like you may have reached the end of your bake range (250 frames by default I believe). Seth the bake range to the full length of your animation.