How to properly use SSS new cycles chader for skin material?

Please, no Arnold’s material. If you suggest it, please explain me the nodes. I really don’t understand the stack of nodes, and how did he count the math node.

i’m asking about using sss node for skin material. i prefer the answer which is “self-build-node” to “arnold’s node”.

A quick google search revealsseveraldifferentskin shader node setups, of varying complexity and realism. If you want the details of how the arnold-mimic skin shader is put together, read the thread and download the .blend file. Open the .blend file and you can look at the nodes directly. There’s no mystery. Then if you want you can rebuild it from scratch, though I don’t know why you’d bother when you can just append that material and plug in your own maps. If you have some specific question about how something works, ask that question.

Wow, thanks for the links! Highly appreciated.

You’ve got it!