How to prove your (game, whatever) project is real (and has a chance of succeeding).

Since people with ‘game projects’ are kinda regular, and a lack of anything to actually entice people to do (all of the :P) work for them is very common, I thought I’d start a thread we could point people to.

The aim of this thread is to compile a list of things you can do to prove you’re doing something and/or actually know what is involved in what you’re talking about doing. If possible, value of each example will be indicated (a working demo, for example, would rate highly).

Hopefully this will work better than what I typed last night. Sorry 'bout that :o.

Another EDIT: Removed the quote of what I had previously; it confused a French person so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping to indulge curiosity of other people. If you really desperately want to know what it was, I can send you a copy or something.

I also changed the title.

ummmm what?

I think I know what you meen… but if someone scans there pass-port and posts it on the the forum it won’t make me think they’re more serous about creating a film/game/whatever.

I think you meen thing like : -

1: Have they actually done any work on the project whatsoever?

2: Are they on their own?

3: Do they have any plans about where to publish/screen the finished product?

Yeah, that’s the sort of things I mean. I’ll probably edit my OP to decrease the “WTH?” factor.

Remember kids, to late night(/while tired/drunk/whatever) posting, just say No.