How to quickly close this shape ?

hi all

the attached image is that of a work in progress - a seat made up of two couches.

i am working on it, and as i am working, i need to know if there is a quick, clean, way to close the shape you see in the attachement.

i tried to “cheat” via Scale on x,y - 0 so it closes in the middle, but afterwards, on that side, the side underneath, the model has a sort of tint or wrinke to it (visible both when rendering and when simply looking at it, in Object mode), where it closed in the middle.

i want to close it quickly, perfectly and clean, without trudging through selecting all the vertexes on the edge then extruding them bit by bit for each vertex along the way etc.

When i say “clean”, i mean that when i render the final product, the side i closed, has to render nice and smooth, without any imperfections.

so how do i do it precisely?



Alt-Select one of the lower edges, to select the whole loop. Then menu Mesh->Faces->Grid Fill. Then in the options panel adjust the Span to the number of faces on one side, and the Offset to get the proper orientation.

EDIT: if the lower side wont be rendered, you can probably get away with less precise geometry.

Alt-Select an edge to get the whole loop. Then F to fill. I to inset, and adjust it in a bit. Then Alt-P to poke the face so it’s not just a big n-gon.

Also, if you use vertex snapping, selecting the edges of one side, and extruding to each vertex along the way, is very quick and precise. then A to select all, W->R to remove doubles.

Dude, you re da best! :))

One last quick question - is there a tool or menu that tells me how many vertexes, faces, lines i have in my mesh (a total) or in a selection (maybe i selected one side) ?


That’s an easy one =)