How to quickly preview what a shape key with a driver does?

I have a shape key with a driver. Its value is currently 0. I’d like to “preview” what it does (a.k.a. see its shape at value 1), but because its value is controlled by the driver, I have to RMB > Edit Driver, find the driver, and change its value, or remove the driver first then add it back later.

Both seem very tedious for such a simple task. Is there a faster way to “preview” a shape key?

Have you found the answer to this question? I’ve been wondering about this myself.

Just click on the Shape Key…and in the Value click and type 1 or 0…

Yes I do. Just turn this “pin” icon on:


It’s called Shape Key Lock but it’s basically just shape key preview.

My problem is finding the shape key controller in the 3D window so that I can move and key it. Also I’ve lost track of how to see drivers keys in the graph editor.