How to re-link maps to shaders

Question for you all,

I have been using blender 2.8 for about 3 weeks now and I have done 3 different project in it. I am totally loving it and learning alot.

I have an issues that I cant seem to find an answer too. I just got a new raid system to put all my work on. Over the weekend I copied my data from the old drive to the new raid drives.

The issue I am having is the new raid drives are mapped and labeled different then my old drives. For example my old drive was Z and the new raid is X.
When I open my files up it is looking for all the texture maps on Z . So how to change all the map directories to tell blender to look on the X drive ( the new drive ) and not the Z drive?

I am trying to avoid doing all of that manually.

Thanks for the help and time.

File > External Data > Find missing files

thank you