How to re-show UV map later?

Hello there, im using Blender 2.69 and am a bit stuck here. I am UV Modelling a cube, however, i cant get the UV maps back and dont know why.

  • I successfully UV unwrapped it with seams marked etc.
  • The set up the texture with an image (uv projection of course)
  • I loaded the image over the UV maps which was all absolutely fine.

Then I went on to do some work on other objects, but the problem now is, I cant find a way to re-display the UV map. I can display the texture image just fine, and the UV map still shows up in the Object Data section for that object. But how do i re-display the lines in case I want to change the UV mapping later?

In edit mode select the faces of your object you want the UVs to show, then look in a UV/Image Editor window

Oh it really is that simple, now I want to kick myself, thanks!