How to reload add-on code

I’m trying to modify an add-on that consists of an file and several class files.
What is the process add-on developers use to reload the add-on after a code change?

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F3 / Reload Scripts

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@bareflix did this work? Is there some requirement with the script setup? It’s not working for me…

Seems silly to make a new thread when this is exactly what I want but I’m really struggling to make this work.

I’ve tried to simplify it to the core, here is the code I’ve ended up with

if I change the print message from and reload,the change is not getting printed in the console when I run first FirstOperator from the search menu.

Any help would be appreciated! EDIT Solved below

Well, typically shortly after posting I tried some more things and got it working :laughing:

Removing the else: section and leaving it so “from .main import *” always fires seems to reload the code in main.

I have updated the github with the working code & uploaded here in case it helps anyone else|attachment (819 Bytes) (540 Bytes)

Here’s an example of how to keep all modules update when you’re developing an addon:

import importlib

if "geo" in locals():
    from . import geo

This imports “geo” module and reloads it if it’s already imported. Do this for all modules that you are modifying while developing.

Doing import * is in my opinion very bad practice that is hard to later fix.

Can you clarify is the “module” the file called and not the class in that file?

In my example if I do

from . import main

it then wont find the classes in

I have to do

from .main import FirstOperator
from .main import SecondOperator

ah I see! if you do

from . import main

you refrence FirstOperator with


Thanks for the advice, I’ll avoid import *