How To Remove All Frames (or Keys) and Creating a New Mesh from Existing One

Hi all,

I am doing an animation regarding capsules in a blister pack, and I am stuck with 2 issues, which I hope I can get assistance on.

  1. Removing Frames or Keys

I am currently following the instructions on to do my animation, using “I” then slecting “LocRotScale”.

After creating such keys at Frame 1, 11, 21, 31, I want to start over by deleting all frames after Frame 1. In Flash its simply selecting all the frames+keyframes after Frame 1 and deleting it, but I have not found something similar in Blender.

Even after trying to deleting the keys in IPO-Window painstakingly for each object, and the keys in Action Editor, when I go to Frame 11-31, or when I press Alt-A I still see the old animation.

  1. Creating a New Mesh from Existing one

I have a full piece of gold foil, where I cut out a small piece in editting the mesh in Blender and placed it aside. However, the two pieces are still regarding as a single object, and is there a way to make them separate entities?

Thanks so much for any assistance or tips. :slight_smile:

  1. In the Ipo editor it is easier to delete the keys if you can see them (Pressing K in the IPO window)
    A good way to delete all keys from a certain Frame is the Timeline.
    There you can select a key and then press the small black key Button in the timelineheader.
    Choose all available and all keys are removed from this frame.

  2. Select the faces you wish to separate and press P for separation.
    There are 3 options: separate selected - separate all loose parts - separate by material.