How to remove bright spots on a specific object?

I am LEGO builder, not a digital artist, so bear with me, but I recently decided to get into Blender since the renders are super realistic. However, whenever I use any white pieces in my builds, the edges of the LEGO logo always glow really bright, and it’s distracting. Here’s an example:

As you can see the brick itself is alright, but the edge of the studs and the logo are way too bright. Is there a way I can turn down the brightness of these spots on the object? Or is it a problem with my lighting?

I think it is just reflections of of the bright background. Try to darken the background and see if this changes the look of the highlights. To be sure I would have to see the shader node tree.

I’ve tried messing with the lighting and background, not sure what I’m missing. If it helps, here are the nodes for the white LEGO piece in question:

That screenshot is not much of a help, since “real” nodetree is hidden inside those nodegroups

Try using Ambient Occlusion in the Render tab and messing with those settings perhaps? I don’t mess with AO much so maybe someone can jump in with more info. It’s looks like there’s something in your shader that’s making the edges a lighter color, the LEGO text is a bunch of small sharp 90° edges. So maybe there’s something off there.