How to remove COMPLETELY a UVMapping


Now I have searched everywhere on how to do this any nothing has helped, here is the situation:

I have been unwrapping one of my railway sleeper meshes from different projections, top, bottom, sides etc, however now come back to it today to work on it some more I have found that some of my projects accidentally reference the same vertex. So when it comes to resizing my faces awkward things happen as its sizing from the centre of where all the vertices are.

But in short had do I remove all of my unwrapping and mesh UV points, completely, I want to start from scratch. I tried appending the object into a new file but the UV Maps chased it. I just want them gone :frowning:

U / Reset or delete from the Object Data / UV Maps panal


OMG Thank you soooooo much, this has been driving me crazy for hours

One other thing though, when I apply the “reset” I get a UV mapping of a square and circle with a line through. Then when I apply my mappings I still get my original Problem.