How to remove the white outline on logo/text

What up community,

The issue I’m having with my render is the white outline around the logo and the “ESD SAFE” lettering.

The problem originally occurred when I started working in the Shader editor to make the bottle have a realistic wax look to it.

It also ended up creating another problem to where the bottle, text, and logo look like 3 different colors when they use the same material in my

Any solutions/ideas to point me in the right direction

It looks like subsurface scattering with a white colour.

Maybe the extrusion (embossement ?) of the text and logo is too hard (90 degree)… idk if a glass bootle would be so sharp ? And this exaggerating the effect ??

upload the file so we can look at it and test it !

happy bl

Thanks for the replies so far!

Since I just joined this community, I’m currently not allowed to post my blend files yet. Ill post it when I’m back at my work computer.

I did add Subsurface Scattering to help with the bottle texture, and I’ve never used it before so that could be a thing for me to check.

As far as extrusion, I don’t believe it’s the issue because both the logo and text have the white border, but the Logo has Subdivision Surface modifiers attached.