How to render 2 different camera animation/angles in 1 render session (batch)

hey guys,
So I have a scene with an object and 2 cameras. 1 camera pans around the object…the other camera tilt up and down.
The sequences is 10 seconds long, and I want to render out both camera’s seperately for 10 seconds.

I can, off course, select one camera, render it out, en then the next… but I woud like to know if this can be done in a batch, so I dont need to manually switch cameras and press render again. So both camera movements can be done overnight while im sleeping.

Can this be done?

Not that I have found yet!!! I have wanted to do this in the past, so I put two copies of the project on my server and ran them both side by side using different cameras. My server runs Ubuntu, so it doesn’t mind multiple instances of Blender, plus it has plenty of resource in terms of CPU (6 core AMD), GPU (GTX980) and RAM (32Gb).

So, the only way I know is to write a script to do it for you, the Python would be pretty basic, but you need to do a bit of reading I am afraid. You will need to name the two different camera renders differently to avoid the second pass overwriting the first. Are you rendering to images and them using VSE to assemble these into video, or rendering video straight off - me I always do the first in case something goes wrong 2 frames from the end…

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you for your answer Clockmender, i was afraid it wasnt possible. That’s a bummer, but i dont know Python so this is just the way it has to be for me then.

Good tip on doing images sequences… hadnt thought of that yet…cheers!