How to render 2d?

hey guys,

I signed up on the forum to ask your help on rendering 2d!
I downloaded the build freestyle but can not find tutorials

please teach me! how to render 2d?

Freestyle render is a development branch of Blender. It is quite new (no docs) and there is a separate thread here you could search for.

I searched here in the forum, but found anything, unless complex nodes.

I saw good works here of the kind I want. Identical pictures 2d cartoon.

No one can help me?

ya i would love to here an answer to this question, what i’ve figured out in my search is that freestyle is some sort of non-photorealistic renderer that has recently been integrated into blender, from what i’ve seen, the results are amazing. unfortunately i cant get it to work on my stupid linux system…

You could try looking at the edge rendering effects

Using Blender does sometimes include doing a little research and searching for the answer, particularly when it involves a “new branch” development like Freestyle, which is not yet complete, not merged with the Trunk, and does not yet have enough documentation for “newbies.” Having said that, take a look at this thread on this forum, where “Dazzle” has given some simple directions. Also make sure that you are using one of the Builds on, as the main Trunk build available on does not yet include the Freestyle Branch. In the thread mentioned, “Dazzle” indicated the following directions:

What happens if you:
enable freestyle
select contol - python script
set crease angle to 180
set a sphere radius
tick: ridges and valleys / suggestive contours / material boundaries
and add the freestyle module


thanks for yhe tips.
Can you post .blend files to study?