How to Render a Background video in Blender 2.93 Using a Camera Background video

I’m not talking about image planes. I want the scene free of objects. Hopefully the solution doesn’t involve nodes. I’m new to blender. Any help is appreciated. Maybe what I’m looking for is how to composite an object animation over video to keep it simple.

I think you have to explain this further. You want one or the other:

  • the scene free of objects (then don’t add some, or you mean transparent backgroung)
  • composite an object animation over video (then do it in blender with transparent background)

Cycles/Eevee: Render Properties → Film → Transparent: enable
Compositing: Use Nodes *Add → Input Movie Clip

Thanks for the help!

And this not working with cycles? Just Eve?

I did mention both…

… nether using cycles nor eevee AFAIK because it’s post processing…