How to render ao with wireframe and pure texture maps?


I want to make renders with ao+wireframe in current light setup, also I want to show pure maps like baseColor, metalness without any lightning. Is there a way to do it?
I found an old video on youtube, where someone for rendering wireframe just made a wireframe modifier, but this is not really convenient…

Please help…

You can render a wireframe if you use freestyle.
In edit mode select all edges and mark them as freestyle edge. In the freestyle Line Set edge types deactivate everything except for edge mark.
Rendering “pure maps” can be done by rendering passes. Just select what you need in the View Layers in the properties panel.
If you render to multilayer exr files you get all your passes conveniently in one file.

I found render diffuse, but roughness and depth don’t work, just plane white color.