How to render image to match a specific camera (Alexa) + lens (panavision primes)

I’ve been asked to see if I can find a way to get the blender camera to render out a scene so it matches what you would get out of a specific camera body (Alexa) and lens (Panavision Primes 21mm 27mm and 35mm) combo. Can someone please guide me in the right direction? Im not finding any obvious way to do this within Blender.
Thank you.

You need to look up the Alexa sensor specs in mm and put those numbers in the Sensor Fit setting of the Blender Camera. Next you would put the lens value in the Focal Length setting. Lastly you would adjust your resolution to match that of the Alexa.

That’s basically it.

This is not so simple to me. The sensor fit settings only allow me to change horizontal or vertical, not both.

So far I changed the resolution to match the camera (4096px x 1716px) and left the aspect at 1:1. Set the lens to 21mm. I don’t think I need to change the sensor fit… but not sure.

It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but all you need is the horizontal value for the sensor fit. You do however need to change the sensor fit if you want a 1:1 match with the camera since just the render resolution won’t do it.

It’s a bit hard to explain in writing (although there are plenty of videos on YouTube), but basically a 21mm lens will give you different FoV (field of view) angles depending on the sensor size. For instance, a 21mm lens on an Alexa 65 will look very different FoV-wise than the same exact lens on an Alexa Mini.

You need to do some research and discuss the exact specs with the client/DP to find out exactly what they’re using.

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Thank you. I adusted the Sensor Fit width to match the wdith of the “sensor image area” per the attached from Arri (I hope that’s the correct width Im supposed to use). I then changed the focal length to 21mm (for one example) and set the resolution to 4448x1856. I’ve asked my boss and he’ll confirm with the DoP exact specs. Hopefully this comes close. At least the 2.39 ratio is correct with this resolution.
Thank you again.