How to render in ProRes 422 HQ from PC?

I need to get my video rendered in ProRes 422 HQ, but I don´t have access to a Mac computer and Final Pro, I ´m using Premier Pro(an Adobe After FX),
I then saw this video: - does anyone know this plugin? and does anyone know if I can install it on Premier Pro and not just After Effects.

I guess this isnt the right platform for AE questions, but anyway:

I dont know the plugin, but if you just click on the link in the description, youll see that you can buy it for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. i guess this should answer your question of if you can use it with Premiere Pro: Yes, if you buy the premiere pro version.

Also, it seems like there is a 500 frames trial version avaible somewhere. So… try it.

DNxHD is very similar to ProRes 422HQ.

Could you use that instead?

No, because I´m speaking Amazon…, I have an indie short movie I want to put on amazon, its mainly normal footage but with a little bit of Blender animation too, but anyway that is not important, but it´s necessary for me to
export in ProRes 422 HQ which is the only format that Amazon accepts. - Unfortunately I don´t have the money to buy a Mac and actually I love to work on a pc - I´ve got acess to all the programs in Adobe Cloud, an so I´m looking for a magical plugin- which will do the job from Premiere Pro.

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Hi Jaqueline,

take VirtualDub2 (build 42475).

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Thank you for the advice:grinning: do you know which video format it would be best to import into Virtual Dub2 in order not to lose quality?

You can use ffmpeg to convert to ProRes formats on PC.
Newest version of ffmpeg even supports ProRes 4444 XQ.

I use AnotherGUI as a UI for ffmpeg, it’s pretty easy to use and you control exactly what you get with command lines:

Best to use a lossless codec e.g.
Raw, FFV1, Huffyuv, Cineform, Lagarith.