How to render only specific part of stereoscopic 360° Animations


Is there any way to only render certain parts of my equirectangular stereoscopic 360° scene?

I want to use a clean plate and only add the parts that are moving on top of it in post instead of rendering the whole scene for every frame. So ideally I am looking for something like CTRL+ B but to select something off the whole 360° scene instead of something within the camera object’s view. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I get my point across? :smiley:

I’ll be so happy for any help or advice on this one.


I did it serveral Times for a rotating steering wheel.
So i rendered out the car interior from driver position.
Then i marked a render border only around the steering wheel and rendered out only the rotating steering wheel.

In Unity i put put together.
Interieur to sphere.
And the rotating steering wheel clip mutiplied over as a video.

There was a render border addon involved. I can check monday on work.