How to repair this mesh and keep curvature?


I’m not sure how to properly phrase it, but here goes:

I was tasked with repairing a model that was exported from some CAD software (don’t know which one), and it was generated with these weird cut-ins(?) in the geometry, where it should’ve been smooth instead. It happened on both sides of the wall.

How should I approach fixing this, so that I will have full quad topology in places of those cut-ins, while still keeping the natural curvature of edge loops around it? I can’t think of any solution with standard blender tools that doesn’t involve tedious and manual aligning of each and every vertex. Is there any addon that could help me with this (can be paid), or am I basically SOL?

Any help will be greatly, apprecciated. Thanks!

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Can’t you just re-export the original in another format. That looks like a manual repair to me. You could recreate the the broken section instead of repairing it and merge to two.

I’ve had similar problems when importing from sketchup back when I used to use it, and these days when I use a ton of booleans and apply them all, I’ll typically see some problems like this.

The first step I do is to tab into edit mode, select mesh > clean up under the top menus and go through each operation. If these problem areas are relatively constant throughout the mesh, make sure you tap A to select all before running the operation, otherwise you can just select the problem areas and run the operations locally.

you’ll want to mess with the settings of each of these operations with the tool panel that pops up in the bottom left.

just from looking at this, it seems like most of the problems would be with the vertices and floating geometry.

beyond that, if you can’t run the clean up operations, the remesh modifier may help out, but I don’t have a ton of experience with that.

Finally, since you’re open to paid add-ons, I would suggest HardOps/BoxCutter. both are Boolean heavy add-ons meant for hard surface workflows, but could potentially give you more fine control over what you need to do while being non destructive. they’re both well documented and have plenty of tutorials available on YouTube. the only drawback here is that it’s definitely a more manual task.

if you’re still unsure or if these methods don’t work too well, feel free to upload the .blend and I’ll check it out this evening/tomorrow morning and see if I can come up with any other ideas or just do you a solid and clean it up for you. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I would just give that quad remesher addon a shot, seriously that thing is addictive to play with.

This unfortunately is not possible as the original project file is no longer available.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll play around with the trial version.

sent you a message :slight_smile:

Repairing some-thing like that is basically impossible, if you want CAD precision . . you need to export the file again and, avoid this in Blender, it’s basically impossible, to get what you want, best to go back to original software and, export or, try again

Try to use new Quad Remesher addon. Trial version is free for 30 days. Maybe if you play with settings of addon, you will get acceptable result. Just idea…

Loops seem to be very regular. Judging by the images alone it might be possible to fill in polygons using F2 addon: