How to repeat the movement following the path?

I made a path for a couple of objects, but when i animate it, the objects stop without repeating themselves. How can i make them repeat?

I’m using 2.49.

I… guess this isn’t possible… huh?

Select the path, in the IPO editor change the IPO Type to ‘Path’ and in the Point / Extend Mode menu change to Cyclic

it still isn’t working…

First, when you’ve completed a movement, end the animation at that last frame of the movement. Go to a Graph Editor window, make sure all the lines are highlighted, then select Channel->Extrapolation Mode->Linear. Blender will extrapolate the movement to infinity. Now all you have to do is decide how long you want the animation to last.

Attach your blend file

Never mind, I’m retarded… It did. Thank you so much! You saved lives today Richard Marklew, thank you.

How to do this in blender 2.62? Don’t have any IPO editor instead there is a graph editor. Are they the same thing?