How to respond to spambots

Guys, we just had a rash of spambot postings and I wanted to stress the correct way to handle such posts. Please don’t reply to them. Please don’t PM me about them. The only correct response to such posts is to click the Report button. This is the best way to deal with these because when you report a post, the entire moderation team is alerted, and thus the next mod who comes by will see the report. I will not necessarily be the mod who arrives soonest, so PMing me is not the fastest solution. Replying to such posts does not solve anything. It does not even increase your post count, because as soon as I find out, the thread gets deleted.

So when you see those posts, report 'em, okay? Thanks for helping keep this a nice place!

Thanks for clarifying that, PlantPerson. I actually looked for a report button but was having a bit of a stoopid moment and couldn’t find it. I’ve found it now (the little red button with a white line across it ;)). I was looking for a link actually saying “Report post” or something. :spin:

ok, so i shall!