How to retopo shirts with deep folds and curved patterns?

Hello, I was thinking about to create cloth for a human, but one look at shirts gave me panic - I have no idea how to retopologize and bake this. Is there a guide or something?
Those narrow sleeves and overlapping folds will kill any retopo and bake.

so I dont have a perfect solution… but here is how I would approach this…
retopo using a plane on only the outer side and give some thickness in the end using the solidify modifier… no shrinkwrap as it will cause errors with such a thin geometry

The typical fear with retopology is that you need to get every fold. all that bunching in the lower wrist can for the most part be ignored. You basically just need it to be wavy there. Around the sleeves, those big pinching folds near the arm pits can also just be wavy. All that will look right after baking. What is going to be tricky is retopology in the first place. The best tool for blender that I know of is retopoflow, but to be honest mayas is way better so if you happen to have maya, quad draw all the way. But I mean, if blender is all you have to work with then its just going to be a patience game I think. Just try not to get overwhelmed with tertiary details. The purpose of retopology is to get you to secondary details so your normal, bump, and displacement maps can carry the weight off tertiary and some of the secondary details.