How to rig a Wrist?

A problem I always have with my characters are their wrists. I can’t figure out a way on how to rotate the hands withouth breaking the wrists and the arms. Here is what I mean:

Here is the Arm on it’s normal pose:
And this is what happens when I rotate the hand:
See what happens? Everytime I try to rotate the hand a bit too much that happens, and I got no idea on how to fix that.

Here is the blend file:!wB9BjZSZ!1VC-AZtuYLzuZLBQXDR71iGe5-ccKG8MpKoFyxTJbXw

Use a two bone forearm to smooth the twist. Also, curve bones can aid with this deformation. I’m at work atm, but I’ll be able to add some screen shots in a few hours to explain this in more detail.

Alright! I’ll wait for those, I’m not in a hurry. :slight_smile:

You should try DanPro solution. Plus, if you look at your own arm, you’ll notice your wrist doesn’t rotate in its own axis by itself. That’s your forearm which makes your wrist rotate because of radius and cubitus.


Best solution is two bone armature as Dan suggested. Quick fix. move your armature above your sub surface. Add a few more edge loops to your arm and change your segments in the forearm, slightly adjust your weights. . I’m assuming this is not for a game.

I noticed a few other issues with the rig. Sorry it took so long. Here is the file:

Also, I was too lazy to write a post so I recorded it instead.

The link should be live in a half hour.

Good luck!

@stilltrying That is exactly what I was going to say. :slight_smile:

AWWW! Awesome! Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I wanted! I’ll check the video when is up. :slight_smile:

It should be live now.

I just saw. Thanks! I learned quite a few more things in the video then just making the Wrist work! Once again thanks!

FYI … it would be very helpful, “for posterity,” if at some point in the very-near future you did transcribe the essence of what you “had to say,” and added it as a follow-up post to this thread. It’s very disheartening to stumble-upon a thread (“years from now …”) which references a recording or a web-page “long gone.”

Super job Dan! One of the best I’ve seen.